Thoughts on conscious Love and Compassion because when we attend to our greater good we are attending to THE greater good.

About Me

Whether your trauma was sudden and obvious or slow and steady – I help you access the parts of your brain that have solidified old habits, beliefs and coping mechanisms and purposefully rewire it to accommodate your current goals and objectives.

I’ve learned so much about the brain and how it gets wired and how we can rewire it on purpose. These techniques are so effective they’re helping people sleep, ease pain, gain clarity and, most importantly, become their best selves reaching for their highest purpose.

I’m in the unique position now to lift others up by teaching these tools, helping them set a new reference point for their experiences, their thoughts and because that remaps their brains it becomes a new reference point for their very lives!!

Trauma Recovery Coach for survivors of abuse
Trauma Recovery Coach for veterans
Illness Recovery Coach for survivors of chronic illness
Illness Recovery Coach for survivors and patients of terminal illness

Because trauma isn’t always obvious and can, instead, happen in little bits over time I also apply my tools to people who are in transitions and offer

Trauma Recovery Coaching through career transitions
Trauma Recovery Coaching through divorce
Trauma Recovery Coaching through care-taking for others
Trauma Recovery Coaching through financial loss (bankruptcy, foreclosure, job loss)

Visit my website to learn more about my story and how I can help you. You can also visit my services page to get started on your own transformative journey.

Coaching is like have a personal trainer for your inner self.

If you’re interested in personal coaching or have questions about my methods, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Triffany(at)

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