Thoughts on conscious Love and Compassion because when we attend to our greater good we are attending to THE greater good.


Hello my name is Anthony uche Ajubige am from Nigeria West Africa, i came across this wonderful lady through a nice friend on facebook. She has really touched my life in a very special way.

Before i met her i was battling with psychology and spiritual problems which affected my foreign exchange trading business. Today with the mentorship and inestimable knowledge about how to overcome challenges and obstacles in life which she imparted on me, i was able to overcome and conquer all challenges today my business has grown tremendously and am happier than ever.

Am happy to share my testimony here and advice anyone that is facing the storm of life to give Mrs Triffany Hammond a try and i bet you your life wont be the same. May God continue to bless and use this wonderful woman to bless touch and change lives

Thank you and remain bless

for further inquiries i can be contacted through my mobile line at +2348063088412.


• Sign…U.A. Ajubige. – Nigeria


Triffany is one of the most compassionate, empathetic and kind people I’ve ever met! As my life coach, she has brought complete clarity to every session. She does NOT shy away from difficult work and sticks in there with me as we try to figure it all out together. EVERY time I’ve talked to her, I’ve found myself energized and aware on a new level. I find myself being super productive with a clear frame of mind after I speak to her. The “homework” she gives me is relevant and helps me focus over the next week. When I regroup with her, I find that we can quickly refocus and take things to the next level. I am so thrilled and excited to be working with her!

  • New York – Ayo Moon


Triffany has been coaching me through a rough patch and is amazing!  She is insightful, gentle and kind.

She has the wisdom of an old soul and knows how to gently lead you right back into yourself to uncover

the answers you don’t even know you already have.

• Amy Bellis – New Jersey


Inherent in chronic invisible illness is that some people “get it” and most people don’t. I lift Triffany up above those who do get it because she “knows” it.

There is nothing more valuable or more supportive than sharing my experience with someone I don’t have to explain things to or educate about. She just knows without saying a word. Safe. Open. Deeply validating. Knowledgeable. Assuring.

Triffany was swiftly gentle in discovering my core issues and before I knew it I was looking forward to meeting again. I get the distinct feeling that she is my ally, my partner; collaborating with my brain on how to respectfully re-join my body and find my heart’s path.

I feel wrapped in a warm blanket, propped up against a tree on the cliff overlooking the ocean; soothed, comforted, secure. Triffany has taken me by the hand and is showing me the way to curiosity, truth and wonder again. A priceless gift.

  • Wendy Holthaus – California


“[Triffany’s] dialogue is to the point, with sprinkles of humor and wit, and her easy conversational style makes me want to ask my questions because I know her answers are gentle, straight forward and packed with solid information. There are truly no stupid questions.”

•  Joan Scanlon, Las Vegas, NV


“[Triffany] has deep knowledge and is skilled in transforming difficult and complicated material into easy to understand actionable steps.”

• Jahanzeb Abdur-Rahman, United Kingdom


“I can’t recommend Triffany enough.”

•  Brett Iler, Los Angeles, CA


“Triffany is a tutor; a mentor.  She separates herself from other trainers with a mindset open to explore, to test, to analyze and to produces success – for her students as well as herself.”

•  Jerry Nissen, Thailand   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“If Triffany had chosen a career path in education she could have easily become a favorite teacher that hopefully each of us has had the experience of having at least once in our lives.”

•  Joan Scanlon, Las Vegas NV


“[Triffany’s] clarity of thought, her experience gained through the years of trading both in equity and the forex markets and her ability to impart her knowledge and time with enormous patience and great generosity of self never ceases to amaze me.”

•  Mary Laver, United Kingdom


“[Triffany]…is dedicated to teaching, and she really cares a lot about our progress.  She is patient and supportive, very keen on answering any question…”  Nihad Petonjic, Serbia


“…I have no hesitation in recommending [Triffany] as a …coach.”  Jahanzeb Abdur-Rahman, United Kingdom


“Without any doubt, I look forward to every session with Triffany as my coach.  Each time I take away a touch more skill – hmmm, and more money!”

• Jerry Nissen, Thailand


“[Triffany] will be there for you each and every step of the way, until you reach your goals.  But watch out, you’ll have to do your homework…”

•  Lidija Radovanic, Slovenia

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